Reach customers by age with demographic targeting

| April 14, 2013

Reach potential customers by age with The State Media Company.  With demographic targeting and our specialty products, you can reach your desired audience.

There are 149,000 adults aged 18-34 in the Columbia metropolitan area, making up almost 35% of the adult population. Reach 7 of 10 area residents in this age group with your advertising message in The State and  Additionally, these consumers are the largest group of mobile Internet users. Mobile sponsorships of and allow you to target this audience with your ad message anytime, anywhere.

With 171,200 area residents, this age group makes up more than a third of the local population. 4 of 5 area residents aged 35-54 read The State or visit each week. In addition to visiting our online edition of the newspaper regularly each week, this age group is also the largest user of DealSaver.

Almost 14% of the local adult population falls into this age group.  Reach 4 of 5 residents in this demographic with The State and After‘s home page, the most visited section of our website is Obituaries. Users not only frequent this page but stay on this page, making it an ideal location for your ad.

This age group makes up almost 14% of the local adult population with 62,700 area residents. As one of the largest group of readers of the printed newspaper, special sections provide another opportunity to reach this demographic.

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