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| April 12, 2013

Whether you want to target a business or a consumer, The State Media Company can help you reach them with our email marketing. Email blasts help your business deliver relevant, informative, personalized messages to your targeted audiences.

With several unique advantages such as speed, cost of deliver, and immediate feedback, email blasts enable you to keep in touch with customers and develop long-term, profitable relationships. With precisely targeting audiences and personalized advertising messages, you can advertise with pinpoint accuracy, both quickly and cost effectively.

We offer two options to deliver your e-mail message:

Subscriber E-mail Blasts

30,000 readers have opted-in to receive advertising via The State Media Company. Our wealth of demographic, psychographic and lifestyle criteria can help you target your message so you are reaching the right audience.

Mirco Targeted E-mail Blasts

Target your message to consumers, niche markets or other businesses with a wide variety of attributes. This opt-in marketing option is an ideal way to target your message to select group of people. Targeted email provides an improved, highly measurable and more effective way for you to market your products and service. These emails contain ONE EXCLUSIVE advertiser so all eyes will be on your product or service. We will send your email-ready blast, or create one for you.

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